Shoes For Your Shoes

We want to introduce ourselves as the mother-and-son team behind ShoeShoe, a small reusable shoecover company on a mission to keep homes, cars, and classrooms free of dirt and germs.

My son, Yannick, came up with the concept when he was in 2nd grade because he didn’t like sitting on classroom floors soiled by dirt tracked in on kids’ shoes. Knowing that not every school would want to require families to buy an additional pair of indoor shoes just for school, Yannick and I set out to find a better solution. It needed to be fun, practical and cost-effective … and after some brainstorming, we found the “shoe-lution” … washable shoe covers to slip over street shoes. While Yannick was home from school during the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, we spent time prototyping … ShoeShoe was born.

Outside of classrooms, ShoeShoes can be used in your home (for guests who prefer not taking their shoes off), or in your car (to avoid shoeprints on the back of your car seat), or in your suitcase (to avoid dirt from your shoes getting on your clothes).

At Home

In the Car

For Travel

We just launched our online store – – earlier this year and would love to send some of our ShoeShoes your way so you can give them a try and share them with your audience!

We have a number of ways we can work together:


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