Benefits for Schools

Benefits for Schools

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Fundraise with ShoeShoe

If you’re filled up on bake sales or hoping to can the candles, try a fundraiser that’s truly unique.

And keep your floors clean and healthy in the process!

Simply create an account on our website and your school will earn up to 2o% from each purchase made by one of your families (10% for regular sales and 20% if you sign up for the ShoeShoes for All program).

We will help you get the word out by providing you with online marketing material you can share with your community.

Use the money for any underfunded scholastic needs or use it to purchase ShoeShoes for families in need of financial support. We will double your earnings if you choose the latter and sign up for the ShoeShoes for All program.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

We’d love to be your school’s shoe-lution for spotless classrooms.

Thank you for signing up. We’ll notify you via email when we open for business.