Shoes for your Shoes

Keep your (pre)school or daycare clean with our fun, reusable, 

and machine-washable shoe covers

Shoes For Your Shoes

Keep the dirt outside and keep your space clean

Developed by a mother-and-son team

ShoeShoe’s story began in 2019 when 8-year old Yannick remarked he didn’t like sitting on dirty floors in his 2nd grade classroom. 

“I don’t like it when the floor in my classroom is not clean because kids track in dirt with their shoes. That’s why I want everyone to use ShoeShoes.”

Keeps your classroom free of dirt and germs

ShoeShoes can be easily stored inside your child’s classroom. When kids arrive each morning, they’ll grab their pair and pull them directly over the shoes they’re wearing. They don’t need to deal with taking sneakers on and off or tying their laces over and over again.

When they go outside, they’ll remove their ShoeShoes only to repeat the process when they return. This protects the interior from exterior pollutants. 

What do teachers say?

“Trying out ShoeShoes was a lot of fun. The kids loved them. The fabrics and styles are very kid friendly and they really took to them right away, reminding each other to put them on in the morning and take them off before recess. I liked the idea of a cleaner classroom (although we didn’t do any actual measurements before and after using ShoeShoes). I also liked the cameraderie of using them as a group. It was great that the kids could sit criss-cross and not have dirty shoes touching their clothing or legs. And the storage hanger we used was very convenient and worked well” 

Laurie M, 1st grade teacher

ShoeShoes have lots of benefits and are affordable

ShoeShoes were developed specifically for schools that don’t follow an indoor-shoe policy (where outside shoes are swapped with those reserved for indoor use), but ShoeShoes are not limited to academic settings. ShoeShoes can be used in cars, in homes, or in offices – anywhere you want clean floors and peace of mind. Now, more than ever, hygiene matters and we’ve got you covered….. literally!

Additionally, you won’t foot some giant bill with us. One of the biggest benefits of ShoeShoes is affordability. Instead of needing to buy multiple pairs of indoor shoes for growing feet, our product straddles five different sizes. If the shoe fits, wear it…… and ours will 

Did you know you can fundraise with ShoeShoe?

Whether folks in your organization are rocking ShoeShoes or not – fundraising with us is easy and fun.

“No more dirty shoe prints on the back of the driver seat! I keep a pair of ShoeShoes in my car and no longer need to take off my son’s shoes to keep the car clean. So much easier!”
Christine D.

Families use ShoeShoes to keep their homes and cars clean. Why not have them support your organization while doing that. 

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