Washable Shoe Covers: A Sustainable Solution for Clean Floors

In our daily lives, we often unknowingly track dirt, germs, and debris into our homes, cars, and classrooms on the soles of our shoes. This not only compromises the cleanliness of these spaces but also poses a health risk, especially in environments like schools and homes with young children. Washable shoe covers offer an effective […]

Do you still want germs to be your “Sole”mates?

Shoes are nasty, we know this. But how nasty is the real question we want answered. In this blog, let’s go over all the statistics from leading research institutes and universities and see what the experts have to say about those unwanted guests on our soles. Let’s chat about statistics. The research is clear: Shoes […]

6 reasons to remove your shoes inside

Bacteria, toxins, and dirt are among the unpleasantries you track into your home on your shoes. The average shoe sole is dirtier than the average toilet seat.

What your shoes bring home

“Your shoes come in contact with bacteria from restroom floors and the outdoors. Unless you remove your shoes or clean them, you can transfer the bacteria indoors. This is especially a concern in homes where an infant or toddler is crawling around because everything they get on their hands eventually goes into their mouth.”

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