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Do you still want germs to be your “Sole”mates?

Shoes are nasty, we know this. But how nasty is the real question we want answered. In this blog, let’s go over all the statistics from leading research institutes and universities and see what the experts have to say about those unwanted guests on our soles.

Let’s chat about statistics.

  1. According to Dr. Charles Gerba, of all the things that get stuck to the soles of our shoes, 93% of them are fecal bacteria. This result was the same across shoes worn on sidewalks, roads, and other public spaces.
  2. Another study showed that soles have up to 412000 units of bacteria on them and have E. coli present. And these bacteria and germs are like chewing gum on your soles. It WILL transfer to your floors and carpets even if you tip-toe around.
  3. This study found the highest amounts of enterococci (bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts of warm-blooded animals and are therefore found in their fecal matter) at the entryway of homes and buildings. Carpets were much worse and were found to have around 22,000 enterococci per square meter. The study also proved that shoes were the reason for these bacteria entering homes.
  4. Another study tested the soles of thousands of shoes and found that nearly 40 percent of the samples contained Clostridium difficile, commonly known as C. Diff, an intestinal bacteria that causes diarrhea. Touching those shoes or a surface infected by the bacteria could lead to an upset stomach and discomfort.

The research is clear: Shoes are bringing dirt, mud, and germs into your homes and you should do whatever you can to prevent it. ShoeShoes are a great solution to this problem. By slipping on a reusable and washable shoe cover before you enter your home, the germs and dirt stay away from your floors.

Embrace health and enforce a shoe-cover-before-you-enter policy at your home, schools, cars, and any other indoor spaces. A small step for your feet but a giant leap for your home’s health. Alongside regular cleaning, you’ll be dancing on your floors with joy, knowing you’ve kicked those germs to the curb!

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