Fundraising Signup

Fundraising Signup

Fundraising Campaign Sign Up

Campaign Account Setup

All account-related information (e.g. password reset requests, links to helpful resources, etc.) will be sent here. Please DON'T use the same email address you are using for a personal account on this website (for shopping and earning rewards). However, you may enter your personal account email as Secondary Fundraising Account Email address, in which case copies of all account-related emails will be forwarded there.

Below are examples for a great Primary Fundraising Account Email address:
* If you’re a member of the PTO, use your PTO email (so you can use your personal email address for your personal account)
* If you’re a teacher, use your school address (and use your private email for your personal account)
* Use any secondary email address you own and have not used for registering your personal account

This email address receives a copy of every email that goes to the Primary Fundraising Email Account, including: welcome emails, links to helpful resources, password reset request.

Campaign Lead Information

Organization Information

Email address of School Principal or Organization’s Executive Director. We will use this email address to inform them that a campaign has been created for their organization.
First and Last Name of School Principal or Organization’s Executive Director.

Additional Information

Thank you for signing up. We’ll notify you via email when we open for business.