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Empowering Education

One Step at a Time

At ShoeShoe, we believe that little steps can lead to significant changes, especially when it comes to the environment where our children learn and grow. Inspired by a young boy’s simple yet profound observation, ShoeShoe was born out of a desire to keep our classrooms cleaner and our students healthier, without the need for extra footwear.



Join Our Journey towards Cleaner Schools

We're excited to introduce the ShoeShoe Fundraiser Program, an innovative initiative designed to support educational institutions while promoting cleanliness and health. When parents purchase our durable, washable shoe covers, we pledge to donate 20% of the proceeds directly to your school. It's our way of giving back and helping you create an even better learning environment for your students.

Benefits for Your School

Financial Support: Generate additional funds to enhance your school's programs, facilities, or resources.

Healthier Classrooms: Promote a cleaner, germ-free learning environment, reducing sick days and fostering better health.

Community Engagement: Unite teachers, parents, and students in a common goal, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Why fundraise with ShoeShoe?

Earn up to 20% on every sale

Supporters in your organization order directly from our website and your benefit from every sale – 10% for regular sales and 20% if you sign up for the ShoeShoes for All Program.

Campaigning is easy

We provide you with all the digital resources you need for your school fundraising campaign. Ready, set, go!

We do the heavy lifting for you

No more collecting order forms or distributing products. We fulfill orders and ship everything out directly to parents. 

ShoeShoes for All

Sign up for our ShoeShoes for All program and use your earnings to provide families who could need a helping hand with free ShoeShoes.


ShoeShoes are reusable and washable shoe covers designed to keep indoor spaces clean. They are perfect for homes, cars, classrooms, and more. They prevent mud, dirt, germs and bacteria from getting on your floors, carpets, furniture, car seats and suitcases.

ShoeShoes are a fun, practical and sustainable solution that keeps your indoor spaces clean and germ-free.

Why use ShoeShoe Shoe Covers?

ShoeShoes are REUSABLE AND WASHABLE – ShoeShoes are made of breathable fabric that can be machine-washed with regular clothes. This makes it reuseable and very environmentally friendly. ShoeShoes can last over 1000 washes with no damage to design, color or fabric.

ShoeShoes are SAFE TO WEAR – Each ShoeShoes is equipped with an Anti-Slip sole. This prevents slipping on any surface like marble, tile, wood, carpet and even wet surfaces. The Anti-Slip soles enable ShoeShoes to be worn in any indoor environment and make them safe for all ages.

ShoeShoes are HYGIENE FRIENDLY – ShoeShoes are made of dense fabric that does not allow a lot of dirt, mud or germs pass through. This ensured that indoor spaces like floors and cars as well as interiors of suitcases and cupboards stay clean even if the shoes are dirty or muddy.

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How it Works


10% of each purchase will be donated to your School

Thank you for signing up. We’ll notify you via email when we open for business.