How to use ShoeShoe

How to use ShoeShoe


Shoe Shoe have
non-slip soles

Dedicated space to write a name on the back.

Easily to slip on and take off

ShoeShoes are Versatile

At Home

In the Car

At School

For Travel

At Home

In the Car

At School

Using ShoeShoes at Home

Are you tired of reminding your kids to take their shoes off when they briefly interrupt their outdoor play to use the bathroom? Or would you like to avoid the dirty prints of your guests’ shoes on your floor but would rather not request that they take off their shoes? Keep a pair of ShoeShoes handy!

Our reusable shoe covers help keep your surroundings clean and free of dirt and germs; it even decreases the need for you to mop, sweep, or vacuum.

Keep the kids and lose the gunk!

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Using ShoeShoes in the Car

Have you ever been vexed by dusty footprints on the back of your car seats? l love the pitter-patter of tiny feet – minus the dirt they’ll track into the car!

Keep a pair of ShoeShoes handy in your car and pull them over after you buckle your little one into their car seat. Problem solved – no more shoeprint patterns on the back of the front seats.

ShoeShoes also work great to cover up dirty soccer cleats or tennis sneakers on the ride home after practice.

A clean car and active kids … You can have it all!

Using ShoeShoes at School

ShoeShoes can be easily stored inside your child’s classroom. When they arrive each morning, they’ll grab their pair and pull them directly over the shoes they’re wearing. They don’t need to deal with taking sneakers on and off or tying their laces over and over again.

When they go outside, they’ll remove their ShoeShoes only to repeat the process when they return. This protects the interior from exterior pollutants.

Parents! Do you like the idea of a clean classroom?

Kick-start change in your kid’s classroom, today! Speak with your classroom teacher about using ShoeShoes and tell your PTO about Fundraising with ShoeShoe.

Using ShoeShoes for Traveling

Do you worry about your shoes dirtying up your suitcase? Do you prefer your clothes clean and germ-free? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, don’t let your sneakers compromise your carry-on. Wrap your shoes in ShoeShoes before packing them to protect your sweaters, pants, and duds from gunk, grime, and crud. 

No shoe dirt on my brand-new shirt!

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Using ShoeShoes for Exercise Sneakers
(with ShoeShoes Clip)

Are your baseball cleats a little foul? Does the stench of your running shoes leave others sprinting away? The ShoeShoes Clip can help! Attach this clip to you backpack or gym tote and carry your shoes outside your bag to keep the inside clean and healthy. 

Because sunshine is the best disinfectant!

Clip on tennis bag
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