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Kick the Habit: Top 7 Reasons to Go Shoe-Free Indoors

Is your home your family’s safe space? Somewhere where dirt and germs are NOT allowed? A simple line of defense is practiced by many cultures – removing your shoes at the door.

According to research, families that have a no-shoe policy indoors tend to be happier, calmer, and fall sick less often. Keeping this in mind, here’s our top 7 list of reasons to embrace the no-shoes indoor lifestyle too.

Prevent Bacterial Infections – The outside world is filled with bacteria and germs like E. coli, which sticks to the soles of our shoes for long periods of time. Leaving shoes at the door minimizes the spread of bacteria, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Keep Indoors Clean – It’s not just germs.  Shoes also track dirt, mud, twigs, and other microparticles into your home. By keeping your shoes outside, you reduce the amount of time required to keep your floors spotless.

Reducing Allergies – The soft rubber soles of our modern shoes are a magnet for tiny particles like pollen and pet dander. Keeping your shoes at the door, you can greatly reduce the number of allergens entering your home.

Chemical-free Living – Pesticides and chemicals aren’t just used on farms. They are extensively used to keep all green city spaces like lawns, parks, and sidewalks. These chemicals often find themselves stuck to our shoes when we venture outdoors so it’s a good idea to keep your shoes outside to prevent them from getting inside. 

Preserve Flooring – Wearing shoes indoors can cause scuffs, scratches, and dents on floors. By ditching your outdoor shoes and going barefoot or wearing soft slippers, you can keep your floors looking new for longer.

Better Foot Health – Did you know that most shoes today tend to squish your toes together, something our feet are not designed to do? By going shoe-free as much as possible you can allow your feet to breathe and grow naturally promoting better foot health and preventing long-term ailments. 

Enjoy Silence – Shoes are loud. In fact, on hardwood floors, footsteps with shoes are almost 8 times louder than regular carpets. Going shoeless can contribute to a quieter, more peaceful living environment.

We highly recommend removing your shoes when indoors but we understand that sometimes it’s just not possible. In those cases, you can try our Shoe Shoes – reusable and washable shoe covers that keep your indoor spaces clean. To know more visit

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