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Yes, ShoeShoes have non-slip soles to keep little feet safe.

Yes, you can machine-wash your ShoeShoes on a gentle washing cycle (e.g., delicate)

ShoeShoes are quite versatile. You can use them:

  • at home - for your guests (so you don't have to ask them to remove their shoes)
  • in your car - to save the back of your seats from toddler shoe prints
  • for traveling - to avoid transferring dirt from your shoe soles to your clothes
  • for your sneakers - to carry smelly sneakers on the outside of your workout bag or backpack
  • at school - to keep classroom cleaner and free of toxins that can be tracked in on shoes

Ordering & Account

An account will allow you to check-out faster, because all your details will be saved and don't need to be re-entered. You will also have easy access to your order history and will be able to earn reward points.

Absolutely! We offer special pricing for purchases of 30 pairs or more. Please contact us at [email protected] to get more information.

Sales & Promotions

  • We offer coupons and other deals on a regular basis. The best way to find those is through our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages.
  • You can also earn store credit through our rewards program and pay for all or part of your order that way. Sign up here
  • Most coupon codes work site-wide with a few exclusions, as noted on the applicable product page (e.g. sale items). Any excluded items in your cart will not be discounted, however, the coupon will apply to non-excluded items.
  • If you're still having trouble, your coupon code may be specific to one product only as part of a special promotion. Please email us at [email protected] with your coupon code and we can help further.


Fundraising with ShoeShoe is easy. Simply create an account on our website and your organization will earn up to 20% from each purchase made by one of your supporters (10% for regular sales and 20% if you sign up for the ShoeShoes for All program). We will help you get the word out by providing you with online and printable marketing material you can share with your community

ShoeShoes for All is part of our fundraising program. It’s our way to support Equity and make sure everyone can get a pair of ShoeShoes.

You may have families in your community who have a hard time affording the additional expense of ShoeShoes. You can now use our fundraising program to support these families - you get double commission if you do!

When you sign up for ShoeShoes for All your earned commission will stay in your account as store credit instead of being paid out, and you can use it to buy ShoeShoes for anyone who'd like a pair but can't afford. We are doubling your commission if you pick this route so you can make a greater impact. 

This is completely up to you. Most organizations choose to run ongoing campaigns (with no start or end date) and you can promote your campaign various times throughout the year. If you choose to run a time-limited campaign, we recommend a minimum of three months to allow enough time to promote and secure orders.

If you have questions or need support with your fundraiser, please email us at [email protected]


There are a number of ways you can partner with ShoeShoe.

  • If you are a school, pre-school, parent teacher association, after school camp, or similar organization - you can start a fundraising campaign with ShoeShoe (learn more here).
  • If you love ShoeShoe as much as we do and want to earn store credit while spreading the word about ShoeShoe - join our rewards program.
  • If you’re interested in becoming part of our Influencer Affiliate program, please email as at [email protected]
  • If you are a retailer interested in selling ShoeShoes in your store, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss options.

Shipping & Delivery

We currently ship only within the United States.

For those who reside in Boulder and want to save on shipping fees, we offer a pick-up option. The pick-up location is in South Boulder and will be shared with you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up.

Return & Exchange

We want to be sure you love ShoeShoes as much as we do. If you’re not satisfied with any part of your order, please contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] and we will work with you.

As a rule, we will allow returns within 30 days of your ship date. Please note that we are unable to reimburse you for any shipping fees. 

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